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Booking Contact OR Tambo Parking Airport Parking Services : 011 394 3000

24 hour Pick Up Contact OR Tambo Parking Airport Parking Services : 084 084 3344

Parking at OR Tambo International Airport


Parking at OR Tambo Airport

You’ve discovered OR Tambo Parking Services, The company dedicated to making your traveling life easier by offering parking at OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg.


OR Tambo Parking Services has developed a system that takes the hassle out of parking at OR Tambo International Airport. No need to search for a parking space, riding in an inconvenient shuttle bus, or trying to remember where you parked your car. OR Tambo Parking Services friendly staff will make your trip as hassle free as possible. OR Tambo Parking Services offers safe and secure parking solutions for any person travelling.

OR Tambo Parking Services also offers a host of time saving services that ensure that you don’t spend your valuable “home” time running errands. We’ll get them done for you.
At a time when air travel has become exceedingly more frustrating, OR Tambo Parking Services swoops in and saves your sanity. We save you time and hassle, not just by saving you 30 minutes or more by parking for you, but by taking care of all of your errands while you’re gone so your time is truly yours when you are home!


OR Tambo Parking Services - Parking at OR Tambo Parking

Pickup Point:

Please phone 084 084 3344 approximately fifteen minutes before arriving at the airport for pickup of your vehicle. On return please phone 084 084 3344 before exiting the terminal for the successful drop off of your vehicle.

The pick up point for domestic flights is DOMESTIC DEPARTURES Terminal B (last two doors) and for international flights is Drop off INTERNATIONAL Terminal A. The drop off of your vehicle is at the same point as the pickup.

It will take approximately 15 minutes from the time of the phone call for your vehicle to arrive at Drop off Domestic Departures Terminal B (last two doors) or for Drop off International, Terminal A.

On arriving we provide you with an OR TAMBO PARKING invoice containing all our detail and the detail of the car and owner of the car.

You can identify our driver as wearing a neon/ reflective yellow and orange jacket with our name, OR TAMBO PARKING, embroidered on it. Click here to see our jackets and logo.

Please be advised of our Operations Procedures from O.R. Tambo International Airport :

Due to A.C.S.A. by-laws (international safety regulations) we are not allowed to stop a vehicle at any drop-off or pick up point for more than 2 minutes. Because of these stringent time limits, we have a telephonic vehicle drop-off system to counter time delays caused by baggage retrieval and aircraft stairs.



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